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What watershed do you live in?

December 5, 2013

I got asked the question, “What watershed do you live in” at a “Salmon in the City” Workshop presented by the Evergreen Society earlier this week, and I didn’t know the answer. Well that isn’t quite correct… I did know that I live in the Fraser River basin, which is home to 60% of British Columbians, so that is what I answered. And to be fair, I do have a pretty big Fraser River bias when it comes to the river to which I feel most connected. The view from my desk overlooking the Fraser reminds me constantly that I live and work in the Fraser River basin, as if working at the Fraser River Discovery Centre wasn’t enough!! However, the question made me realize that I have been ignoring my local watershed.

Luckily Louise Towell, ‘Chief Inspirational Officer’ of Stream of Dreams Murals Society, was also at this workshop. She leads watershed education and salmon dreamfish painting with local school children. She had recently brought Stream of Dreams to Inman Elementary, just a few blocks from my home, and so she suggested I was probably in the Guichon Creek watershed.

I liked the idea of having a local watershed, so I decided to check out the Burnaby watershed map to confirm. It turns out that the tiny hill between my house and Inman Elementary makes a difference and that my home is actually in the Still Creek watershed.

photo from:

Still Creek runs into Burnaby Lake, and then into the Brunette River that travels to the Fraser River. Still Creek was in the news recently because it is the second year in a row that Chum Salmon have returned to spawn in the creek. I feel more connected to that news now that I am aware that Still Creek is my local watershed.

So now I will ask you the same question: What is your local watershed? If you don’t already know, then enjoy the search to find out! Check out your city’s website to find information on your local watershed.

The City of Burnaby has some great watershed resources on line, including a map where you can find out which watershed you live in. Follow this link for the map and other resources.—Sewers/Watersheds/Protecting-Your-Watershed.html

The Fraser Basin Council produced this map of some of the larger watersheds within the Fraser Basin:

And this is a map of some of the watersheds in the province of BC

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