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Reflections on a River

January 22, 2016



a view of the river, a glimpse of its different facets

Reflections on a river

I’ve lived in the Fraser River estuary since I was 4 years old.  Spent my youth biking along the dykes of Richmond, breezing past the moving beauty of the water.  Seen more fishing boats than I can ever count, and smelled the scent of canneries when they were still running.  It’s quite a smell.

I now find myself in New Westminster, a city with deep history that is intrinsically attached to this same river.  Not only that, but I am now working at the Fraser River Discovery Centre, where my job is to open others’ eyes to the wonder of this majestic, meaningful, and often very useful river.

My job will be to balance the wonder we all share as we gaze at the river, with the concerns that many have regarding the health of a river that’s so surrounded by people, industry; human influence.  Are we allowed to be equally amazed at the seals, sturgeon, salmon, eagles, herons, as we are at the mighty tug boats, mondo sand piles, and massive barges loaded with the products we use in our daily lives?

Join in the journey with us.  Come see what we know so far, and what we will always be learning.

Hear the voices of the Aboriginal people who have called this place home for thousands of years; the settlers who started building and structuring where we now live.  Learn about the plants and animals that are an integral part of how this ecosystem survives.  Experience the “economic engine” that provides thousands of jobs and brings millions of jobs into our economy each year.  And take some perspective as you look at other rivers from around the world—how important rivers in general are to humans, how we can impact then for the better or worse, and how we can take care of them.

Come check us out.  Ask questions. Find something new.  And take a moment to just stare in awe at this waterway, which has been linked to us since the start.

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  1. January 24, 2016 2:34 pm

    I love reflections and stories like these. Thank you.

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